We can help you find the support both emotionally and financially throughout your adoption journey.  We can help you find permanent solutions to medical care, housing, employment, food assistance, and transportation.  In addition to our long list of resources available to you, if you chose a family to place your child with, there are a variety of expenses that they may legal pay on your behalf under the laws of the State of Michigan.


Counseling Services

We can get you the resources you need for immediate counseling sessions once you make the decision of choosing adoption for your child.  Furthermore, you can receive weekly counseling sessions during your pregnancy, paid for by the adoptive parents,  with a counselor who will help you navigate through this very emotional process.


Living Expenses and Other Financial Support

In Michigan, adoptive families can pay living expenses for the expectant mother that she has chosen to place her child with.  Upon making the decision to adopt,  you will meet with a coordinator to review a monthly budget to forecast what your living expenses will be.  Birth mother expenses are not about being compensated for placing a baby up for adoption, but about helping you survive financially during the pregnancy.


Birth Support at the Hospital

If you need support during your labor and delivery, we can arrange for a  doula to assist you so you are not alone.  The doula will speak with the hospital staff to inform them of your adoption plan and help you navigate through the process of labor and delivery.


Choosing a Family

Once you are firm in your decision to place your child with a loving family, you will have the ability to choose that family.  We will show you several families based upon your criteria and you will make the ultimate decision.


Transportation Assistance

If you do not have reliable transportation, we can provide you transportation to and from your doctor's appointments.


Post-Birth Support

After delivery and transfer of custody,  support does not end for you.  We can arrange for post-birth counseling, at no cost to you,  to help you through the difficult time after you leave the hospital.




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