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Our Attorneys and staff at Infinity Adoption Center focus on Adoption Law and Adoption services. Our Adoption Attorneys and staff are here to help you develop a successful adoption plan.  We will guide you through each step of the adoption process and provide you with the resources, education and experience you need to see this adoption through.

Adopting a child is not only a big decision, but a demanding legal process. Fortunately, you don’t have to go through it alone. Our attorneys at Infinity Adoption Center has been assisting families with all of their adoption needs for more than a decade, giving us the experience to manage your case from start to finish. From direct-placement adoptions to ICPC adoptions to relative adoptions and all the other adoptions out there, we are well-equipped to handle it all. Our adoption lawyers help adopting families through the entire process of adoption. Call us today and let one of our  Adoption Attorneys help you with your adoption right now.

“A birthmother puts the needs of her child above the wants of her heart.”

-Skye Hardwick


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Considering Adoption?

Wanting to Adopt

Considering Adopting a Child?
Free Adoption Consultation

If you are a birth mother considering adoption we will meet you at a place of  your convenience to provide you with all of the information you need to make a knowledgeable decision about your adoption.

Why Choose Adoption?

By choosing adoption, the expectant mother will have a chance to choose the family she wants to merge her family with.  You will get to know the family and have the option of having an open relationship with them as the child grows.

What We Do

We are experienced Adoption Attorneys who have the resources to assist you in every aspect of your adoption journey. We can put you in touch with certified/licensed counselor who will work with you to help you sort through all the emotions that you may be experiencing right now.

Why Choose Us?

What is the difference between an adoption facilitator and an adoption agency?

Infinity Adoption Center

Adoption Facilitators
  • Practicing Attorneys with up to date knowledge of the law
  • You Choose the family for your child
  • No unnecessary training and classes
  • Child is directly placed with the family
  • No unnecessary overhead fees
  • Not licensed for foster care

Adoption Agencies

Agency Adoptions
  • Great for Foster Care placement
  • Overpriced costly overhead fees
  • Repetitive trainings and unnecessary classes
  • Long wait times paying multiple agencies for better odds
  • Child is released to the agency
  • Lack of understanding in the law

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If you are pregnant and considering adoption, or are interested in adopting a child, we are here to help you with every step of journey. We can provided you with the resources and answers you need to determine if adoption is the right choice for you.
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